ADB- Proud Gold Sponsor
UWI’s Faculty of Food and Agriculture  (FFA) hosted its second techAgri Expo  with its primary goal to raise the profile of agriculture both nationally and regionally.
Over 100 booths at displayed the different facets of agriculture showcasing locally made soaps, sale of plants and farming equipment. Guided tours were given to patrons to various parts of the Faculty, including the Periurban Centre along with mini workshops, a local food village and a mini zoo.  
Over 3,000 students from primary and secondary schools accompanied by teachers, and the general public were introduced to the technology that now exists in food production, encouraging them to pursue careers and/or hobbies in agriculture. 
ADB was a proud GOLD sponsor at this four day expo, which was held at the Main Administration Building West Field from March 22nd to the 25th, 2018. The techAgri exhibition was deemed a resounding success, broadening the reach of the many aspects of agriculture, and enriching the public with knowledge of what ADB can provide to the sector.