ADB present at St. Benedictís College Career Fair


St. Benedict’s College, La Romain hosted its Career Fair on February 8, 2018 which targeted Form 3 students of the school.  Though Agri-Science is not part of the school’s curriculum, the school took the opportunity to invite the ADB to expose the 108 students to the sector and to provide meaningful educational experiences that would help guide their career path.
The Business Development (Ms. Denise Dickson-Cunningham) and Corporate Communications (Ms. Dawn Daniel) Departments collaborated to present an information desk at the event.  Many students showed an interest in agriculture, with one 17-year old young man confessing that his dream is to be a farmer.  He also informed that for the past 2 years during the July/August vacation he has been rearing rabbits for sale both for its nutritious meat and as pets.
 Other institutions present were the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), College of Legal Studies (CLS), Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard and the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries – Forestry Division’s Mobile Bus.  The event was deemed a success as the students were provided with pertinent information to help motivate them to work towards academic and career goals.