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Loan Process


    A Loans Officer will assist in completion of the application which should be submitted together with supporting documents.


    The Officer will then arrange a date for visiting the project site. This is for the purpose of understanding the project and appraising the loan.


    Loans are approved with specific conditions depending on the project. Once the loan is approved a Loan Officer is issued.


    Following the acceptance of the offer, the loan will then be executed. Loan execution involves the signing of all legal documents and fulfillment of all loan conditions. After this, loan funds are issued in accordance with a predetermined implementation plan.


    Our Loans Officers monitor all loans to ensure that projects are well implemented and that debts are repaid as arranged.

    • MORATORIUM - is a grace period, during which only interest is charged. Clients can take advantage of this grace period upon the repayment of the principal sum borrowed depending on the needs of the project.
    • FLEXIBLE REPAYMENT TERMS - this ensure manageable levels and intervals of installment. Flexible repayment terms are offered monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual which is linked to the revenue cycle of the project. The repayment period depends on the size of the loan and the type of project being undertaken.