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Product Loans

Name of Loan Description Features

A loan that is the best financing option for your agri-project in any sub sector Purpose:
  • Business start up, expansion or rehabilitation of an existing project
  • Purchase of materials and inputs for your projects
  • Construction of farm buildings
  • Infrastructure development


  • Up to 80% financing of your project cost
  • Flexible payment options to fit project and revenue cycle
  • Repayment over 1-7 years (longer terms negotiable)
  • No lending limit
  • Negotiable moratorium

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School Nutrition Caterers’ Loan
Partnering with the National Schools Dietary Services Limited (NSDSL) to provide loans to approved caterers to upgrade their operations and infrastructure to attain 'certified kitchen status' Purpose:
  • Equipment purchase
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Training needs
  • Capital intensive infrastructure


  • Up to 80% of your project cost
  • Effective interest rate at 3%
  • No lending limit
  • Re-financing options

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A regular loan specifically to the purchase a new or used vehicle or tractor, which is held as the sole security item.
  • Available to new and or existing clients
  • Medium term loan - 7 yrs for new vehicles and 5yrs for used
  • Monthly installments
  • Effective Interest rate between 4% to 5%
  • Funding of up to 90%
  • Full Comprehensive Insurance (vehicles) or Third Party All Risk (tractors) applies
  • Loan (new vehicle) secured by :
    • Vehicle
    • Promissory note
  • Or for used vehicles :
    • Vehicle
    • 30% cash collateral
    • Promissory note

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Revoloving Loan Account
A loan product similar to an overdraft facility available to individuals and companies that requires specific access to working capital for their operations or everyday running of their project
  • Available to existing clients with good credit ratings
  • Loan period 18-24 mths
  • Repayment can be structured to the operating cycle of the business – generally every 90 days
  • Lending limit ($10K min.)
  • Effective Interest rate is between 4% and 5%. For all RLA loans the effective rate is equal to the Amortized rate

Same Day Loan developed in collaboration with Nestlé
Trinidad and Tobago to provide speedy and relevant funding to the dairy sector towards the growth and development of dairy producers, the adoption of new technology and improvement of farming systems
  • Dairy Inventory
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment


  • Applicants must be supplier of fresh milk to Nestlé (min. 6 mths)
  • Maximum loan size $100k (inclusive of refinancing and all fees)
  • Loan period 18-60 mths
  • Loan secured by:
    • Assignment of proceeds of milk sales from Nestlé
    • Promissory note

A loan to provide agri-entrepreneurs with financing for personal and agri-business security Purpose:
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Perimeter fencing systems


  • Flexible financing options
  • Up to 5 years repayment
  • Convenient repayment terms to fit your project type and revenue cycle
  • Farmers group discounts from security providers

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