Agriculture, or rather "new agriculture", (as experts in the field now know it), is a field worth looking into. New agriculture aims to kick the old ideas about agriculture off the farm and onto the entrepreneurial expressway. It is knowledge based, technology driven and environment friendly. New agriculture endorses the concept of agri-business, the broad term used to describe the various enterprises involved in modern-day food production such as:

  • Primary Products (crops, livestock, fish)
  • Agri-Services (seed supply, agri-chemicals supply of machinery for land preparation)
  • Marketing (wholesale and retail sales and distribution)
  • Advisory Services
  • Agro-processing
  • Agro-tourism

So what's cool about Agri-Business?

It takes more than farmers to feed a country.

This is the thinking behind agri-business, so career options in this field go beyond farming. They are more diverse than you might think; supporting our nation's thrust towards developing a modern, sustainable, and competitive agriculture sector.

In agri-business, there are incredible opportunities that go beyond traditional farming and livestock rearing. They allow you to be creative, to explore new challenges, and to sometimes even, boldly go where no man has gone before! Agri-business gives you the challenge to pursue niche job markets and fill the gap in areas starved for young, inventive talent. It gives you the chance to grow as a professional and have a rewarding livelihood.

By being part of the system that delivers food to the nation on a daily basis, you help reduce poverty and eradicate hunger. You contribute in a real way to the lives of your fellowman and to the development of your country. In fact, you are a champion for National Food and Nutrition Security!

What Career Options Exist?

Whether you want a hands-on job in the field, a position that allows you to travel across the country, or even an analytical job in a lab, agriculture has a career path that's right for you.


Specializes in fish, food crop or livestock production.

Farm /Estate Manager

Oversees large-scale operations and keeps records on all operation and marketing processes.

Hatchery Manager

Responsible for ensuring that the operation is run efficiently and that a high percentage of the eggs hatch.

Nursery Operator

Plans, organizes, and directs the activities of nursery and seedling operations.

Boat Captain

Head of fishing vessel, responsible for navigation and overall fishing operations at sea.

Fisher Folk

Catches fish for a living or sport.

Fish Marketer

Stores and sells fish, wholesale or retail.

Marine Biologist

Studies and researches marine plants, animals or other organisms and their interaction with the environment.

Bovine Embryo Implant Technician

Collects immature eggs from cow ovaries to be matured and fertilized artificially.

Extension Officer

Makes field visits to farms in various agricultural sub-sectors; collect statistics on current actfvities; advise farmers on latest technologies and trends, to ensure profitability and to conserve the environment; provides project support for farmers with problems.


Practices forestry and may engage in activities like timber harvesting, ecological restoration and management of protected areas.


A doctor who specializes in animal health.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Advises, trains and monitors adherence to standards for food security in farm and agri-business operations. Facilitates certification and development of standards for food safety for the entire food chain, from farm to plate.

Agricultural Engineer

Practices engineering specific to agri-business projects.

Market Research Assistant

Collects prices and other agricultural data for a select group of commodities; data may be used for pricing commodities on wholesale and retail markets or for making organizational decisions.


Responsible for the sale of fresh or processed agricultural products and by-products to wholesale and retail markets.

Input Supplier

Provides essential supplies to farming operations like seeds, chemicals and equipment.

Geneticist (Plant/ Animal Breeder)

Applies a range of techniques to produce new and improved varieties of plants or animals important for food production.

Pathologist (Plant/ Animal/ Fish)

Studies, interprets, and diagnoses diseases and abnormalities of plants/ animals/ fish.

Soil Scientist

Studies the distribution, fertility, chemical and organic composition of soil to assist farmers to maximize productivity and profitability. Also advises on irrigation.

Agriculture Teacher/ Lecturer

Instruct students in the basics of the science of agriculture at school and at university levels.

Marketing Manager

Oversees the domestic and international marketing of products and services produced and/or distributed by an agri-enterprise. Plans policies and strategies for the growth and development of the overall agricultural sector.

Programme Planner

May plan short and long-term agricultural programmes, especially those in education and production.

Policy Planner

Plans policies and strategies for the growth and development of the overall agricultural sector.

Credit Officer

Assesses agri-business projects for technical feasibility and financial viability and monitors projects for appropriate implementation.