ADB's Product Suite

Developing the Agriculture Sector 55 Years and Beyond!

  • This product provides up to 80% financing for any type of viable agri-business project
  • Interest rates range between 3-5% effective
  • Loan Period 1-7 years (longer terms negotiable)

ADB Boost Loan

  • Financing at 100% to boost active projects for existing farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in all sub sectors
  • Benefit from quick access, no collateral and easy negotiation on loan conditions
  • Interest rates range between 4-5% effective
  • Loan period up to 3 years
  • This loan product funds for new or used vehicles, tractors, attachments and farm machinery
  • Financing 80-100% vehicle/equipment cost
  • Interest rates range between 4-5% effective
  • Loan period 5-10 years

Sea to Shore Loan

  • This loan product funds for boats, “green” engines, equipment & net purchase/repairs, operating cost and training programs
  • Interest rate 4-5% effective
  • Loan period 3-5 years
  • Benefit from free Record Keeping Book and flexible repayment terms

Dairy Gro' Loan

  • This collaborative package provides up to 100% funding to modernize local dairy production
  • Easy repayment through deductions from assigned milk sales directly from Nestle Trinidad & Tobago and assigned Agricultural Incentives from Ministry of Agriculture, Land and fisheries
  • Interest rates range between 3-4.5%
  • Loan period 18-60 months
  • This product is tailored to assist agri-businesses with praedial larceny and other personal security solutions
  • Financing at 100% for fencing, modern alarm and surveillance systems for any agri-business project (crops, livestock, fishing, agro-shops and agro-processing)
  • Benefit from the Ministry of Agriculture , Land and Fisheries incentives for praedial larceny to reduce loan balances
  • Interest rate 5% effective

School Nutrition Caterers' Loan

  • This collaborative product funds up to 80% working capital and agro-processing upgrades (plant, equipment) towards certified kitchen status
  • Assistance for caterers to supply safe, healthy meals high in local foods to the School Nutrition Program
  • Affordable, convenient repayment via assignment of sales to ADB
  • This product is similar to an overdraft facility
  • Repayment terms are structured to the operating cycle of the business – generally every 90 days
  • Interest rates range between 4-5% effective
  • Loan period 18-24 months

Cocoa Connector Loan

  • This collaborative loan funds all things cocoa and chocolate – rehabilitation; new plantations and inter-crops on estates; pond construction; fire traces; small equipment; solar dryers; infrastructural development/repairs for sheds, bean storage and processing rooms
  • Financing at 100%
  • Interest rates range between 4-5% effective
  • Loan period up to 4 years

Disaster Relief Loan

An emergency facility to restore agri-projects affected y extreme weather conditions (floods, fires etc.), pests or natural disasters.

Investment & Savings Opportunities

  • Certificate of Security (ADB Collateral Support)
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Savings Accounts