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Praedial larceny is one of the major constraints to food production in Trinidad and Tobago. It results in serious financial and personal losses to our agri-entrepreneurs. Isolation, ease of access and the portable nature of agri-products make agri projects inviting targets for thieves, vandals and other criminal elements. The primary responsibility for securing your agri-business and assets lies with you the business owner.

The Agricultural Development Bank has taken a bold step towards providing agri-entrepreneurs with financing for personal and agri- business security thereby boosting investor confidence, encouraging increased production and fulfilling our role in growing the agricultural sector.

To qualify you should be a:

  • Citizen or resident eighteen years and over
  • Company registered to do business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • New or existing agri-entrepreneur* with a viable project
  • Full or part time farmer
  • Registered farmer/fisherman

Normal credit requirements will apply including the following:

  • Two forms of ID ( e.g. ID Card, Drivers Permit or Passport)
  • A recent Utility Bill (WASA, T&TEC or TSTT) or Bank Statement
  • Farmers Registration Card or proof of application for same (where available)
  • Cost estimates supported by invoices or quotations
  • Project records (income & expenses) where available
  • Proof of tenure for site (s) as available (e.g deed, lease document, letter of offer / authorization etc.)

Discuss with anyone of our pre-qualified Security Providers the options available to suit your needs. The list of providers can be obtained at anyone of our Customer Service Centers.

Visit any  of our conveniently located Customer Service Centres:

87 Henry Street

8-10 Gordon Street

29 Ramsaran Street

148 Eastern Main Road, 450725

13 Young Street, Scarborough, 901018

Tel: (868) 612-0163

Toll Free: 800-4ADB (4232)


You benefit from:

  • Access to affordable modern, farm and home security solutions
  • Protection for not only your farm or project assets, but your loved ones and your home
  • Soft credit terms -our lowest interest rate ever 3% (effective rate)
  • Application of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
  • Affairs Incentive to lower your payments
  • Reduced collateral or security requirements
  • Negotiable moratorium
  • Easy payment arrangements and savings options
  • Farmers group discounts from Security Providers
  • Choice of energy saving environmentally friendly security solutions

Use ADB Secure to:

Buy, install and maintain appropriate technology or other security solutions for:

  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Perimeter fencing systems

Secure your:

  • Farm / fishing project sites
  • Farm Residence / farm buildings
  • Equipment and vehicles

Install utilities and physical infrastructure such as electricity, telephone, internet and special fencing etc.