ADB supports Rochard Douglas Presbyterian School with agriculture project

On December 3, 2019 the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) visited the Rochard Douglas Presbyterian School in Barrackpore to meet with the students of its 4H Club.  The ADB was approached to lend support to the Club’s agriculture project where the school is aiming to re-establish and maintain approximately two and a half (2-1/2) acres of land for a food crop project.

At a brief presentation, the Bank’s Corporate Manager-Business Development, Mrs. Wendy Samsundar-Beharry commended the Principal, Mr. Hendrickson H. Hublal, staff and students of the 4H initiative and presented the Club with small agricultural tools and seeds towards the start of the project.  Also present was the Bank’s Mobile Banking Unit which the children had an opportunity to visit and receive information on how the Bank uses its bus to visit remote rural areas, meet with the farming communities and promote its products and services.

The Rochard Douglas Presbyterian School has an agricultural background where many outstanding competitions have been won at the National Science Competition.  Over the years, the school has cupped titles such as, the National Garden Winner and 1st Place winners in Organic Farming, Agro Processing, Nursery and Livestock.

The Rochard Douglas Presbyterian School is considered as one of the most prestigious schools in the catchment area of Lengua/Barrackpore where it offers opportunities for students to develop in both academic and non-academic areas.

The ADB continues to place focus on youth in agriculture and is geared towards supporting initiatives that promote the importance of food security.


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