ADB Supports the Younger Generation in Agriculture

The Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) visited the Sister’s Road Anglican Primary School, Busy Corner, New Grant on Thursday 6th February, 2020 as part of its continued initiative to support young children involved in agriculture.

Sister’s Road AC is involved with the 4H Agriculture Programme which forms part of the Ministry of Education schools’ curriculum.  Its population of 75 students, headed by Principal, Mr. Clint Lee and a staff of 7 teachers have embarked on several small agri projects which include aquaculture rearing of tilapia; grow boxes which are currently planted with peppers, lettuce, celery and chive; two vines of barbadine grown in tyres and small crops of tomatoes and seasonings planted on a cleared area to the back of the school’s building.

The school is hoping to expand their projects as contact has been made with the relevant authorities for assistance in clearing areas adjacent to the school to start other projects on a wider scale where the students can get more exposure in planting different food crops and vegetables.

The ADB’s team, headed by its CEO, Mr. Sheivan Ramnath took the opportunity to interact with the students who were happy to inform of their projects.  Also present to give a pep talk to the students was the Bank’s South Branch Manager, Mrs. Sharda Sookram-Mohammed who was able to capture their attention as she showed the importance of growing their own foods which could be sold to help boost the family’s income.

The presence of the Bank’s Mobile Banking Unit was a highlight for the students as they were fascinated to know that there was an office in the bus which goes around the country promoting the Bank’s products and services in an effort to help the farmers and other agri-entrepreneurs.

For 2020, the Bank has taken a decision to increase its marketing initiatives and have also placed greater focus on instilling in the minds of the younger generation the importance of feeding themselves through agriculture.


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